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Recycle | Remix | Repour

The Khaim Co. Recycle Remix Repour Program was created to encourage candle lovers to dispose of their used candles in the best way possible.

Many candle jars are made out of borosilicate glass and not the lime-soda glass that your
neighborhood recycling program calls for. Attempting to recycle borosilicate glass with lime soda glass can lead to broken recycling machinery and low-quality recycled glass.

With the Khaim Co. RRR Program, used candle jars and lids can be returned to us. All boutiques that carry our luxury candles have agreed to accept used candle jars at their storefront location for recycling. We then safely dispose of any remaining wax, clean the jars and test them with new scents and wicks to sell back to you the consumer. 

How to Recyle with Khaim Co.


Candles should not be burned any longer when there is only 1/2” of wax remaining. Recycle the candle jar and lid with Khaim Co.  

Click here for a list of store locations to return your used candle jars to. 

We also accept used candle jars at all events we are vendors for. Check us out on Instagram for information on our next event.


Remixed and tested with our coconut wax, a chosen fragrance and a new wick. 


Repoured by hand, we will test the candle to make sure it is up to our quality standards. After we are absolutely sure you will love it, we label and package the candle back out to sell.