As a professional basketball player, my life has been fairly exciting. Not gonna lie. I’ve lived in countries people only dream of visiting, created awesome memories, made new friends and nights I can’t remember. However, the downside of that lifestyle is unless you’re madly in love or a mom, you are very literally alone in a foreign country.

I found that no matter how many game nights or holiday dinners I had at my apartment; my foreign house still didn’t feel like home. Work is work right; its typically tough. But home should FEEL like home, regardless of where you are or what you do. When I arrived home after a long day, it was candles helped fill that void for me. Whether it’s the light they omit or the fragrance that strokes your nose, without a doubt my spirit felt better with candle vibrations permeating the air.

A special ode to one of my favorite countries, Khaim comes from the Hebrew slang term “Haim Shelli” which means my love or my life. My personal love and affinity for luxuriously warm moods envelops each hand poured Khaim Co. candle. As a wise ass woman once said, “When it smells good, you feel good”.